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Io64 Installation Manual

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Io64 Installation Manual

GE Security EST Fire & Life Safety EST iO64 and iO500. EST iO64 and iO500 Technical Reference Manual iii Important information. Units for Fire Alarm Systems. Installation in accordance with this manual, applicable codes, and the instructions of the authority having jurisdiction is mandatory. GE Security shall not under any. Alcorn McBride Inc. IO64 User's Manual Page 3 Remote Serial Port Operation The Remote serial port may be configured to operate as an RS-232 port, or to receive.

Mex-File Utility for Fast MATLAB Port I/O (64-bit) Mex-File Plug-in for Fast MATLAB Port I/O (64-bit Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10) Windows Vista and Windows 7 users should note the Vista/7 Installation Notes near the end of this document. A version of this software for 32-bit Windows can be found. A version of this software for running 32-bit MATLAB on 64-bit Windows can be found. In order to accomplish very fast port I/O using a NO COST add-on to MATLAB, we have developed a C++ extension (mex-file) that uses native methods to access low-level hardware. This mex-file is named io64.mexw64. It uses a freeware self-installing system driver named inpoutx64.dll.

[ Note: Self-installation of the driver requires that the MATLAB runs with Administrator privileges. The driver must have been previously installed in order to support non-Administrator users].

Io500 Manual

To install this expanded capability: download the module and move it to a directory in your MATLAB path (e.g., c: cog2000 Cogent2000v1.29 Toolbox in the case of the USD PSYC 770 standard Cogent 2000 64-bit Windows installation). Next, download the module and move it to the C: windows system32 directory (i.e., This module must reside in the Windows system PATH).

Special Note: Because the inpoutx64.dll was compiled using Visual Studio, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable (x64) Package must be installed on your computer. Use the Control Panel to see if it is already installed. 2016 Bmw 323ci Service Manual on this page.

If not, the installer application can be downlaoded from Microsoft at io64() Command Usage Summary: object = io64; Calling io64 with no input arguments creates a persistent instance of the io64 interface object and returns a 64-bit handle to its location. This command must be issued first since the object handle is a required input argument for all other calls to io64. This io64 call will not work properly unless a return variable is specified (i.e., 'object' in the example to the left). Status = io64( object ); Calling io64() using one input argument and a single return variable causes the inpoutx64.sys kernel-level I/O driver to be automatically installed (i.e., no manual driver installation is required). Object is the handle to a previously created instance of io64 (see the step performed above); and, status is a variable returned from the function that describes whether the driver installation process was successful (0 = successful). Subsequent attempts to perform port I/O using io64() will fail if a non-zero status value is returned here.

This step must be performed prior to any subsequent attempts to read or write I/O port data. Io64( object, address, data ); Calling io64() with three input parameters allows the user to output data to the specified I/O port address.

Object is the handle to an io64 object (described above); address specifies the physical address of the destination I/O port (.