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2013 Odyssey Navigation Manual

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Honda Odyssey GPS Navigation System. I have read the manual multiple times and searched the forums as well with no luck. Have a 2013 Odyssey Touring. Official Owners Manual for 2013 Honda Odyssey from the Honda Owners Site.

2013 Odyssey Navigation Manual

My frustration is with the navigation database or the way you can use the system to find something near. Why, when you search by name (e.g. Wal Mart) does the system return addresses/locations hundreds or thousands of miles away from your current location, yet you can enter an address (if you know the address) and the system takes you there? If you can enter an address for a Wal Mart and the system knows the location, why can't the system present you with all nearby Wal Mart locations when you inquire by 'Wal Mart'?

I have a portable Garmin GPS (which costs a fraction of the price of a built-in Navi system on my Odyssey) and can enter the same query ('Wal Mart') which returns results of all local Wal Marts (wal marts nearest my current location), no matter where I am in the country. The Honda Navigation system seems unable to perform this simple task. This is just one example, type in 'Target' or any other store name and you will get the same results (the system will present locations hundreds or thousands of miles away from your current location when there may well be places near your current location). One of the benefits of a navigation system is not only getting directions to an address you enter but for the system to help you navigate to places nearest your location without having to know the address. We have a 2000 Honda Odyssey with 110,000 miles. Great vehicle.

The Navi system has never been updated due to never having needed the change (nor having the change!) to do so. Now that we're in a new location, can a removed disc from a newer Odyssey that IS being updated be used in the older Odyssey. (2011 to 2000) Or what can be done to accomplish an update of the 2000 without breaking the bank???

We have used the original system with great satisfaction for all these years. Thanks for any suggestions.

I have a 2006 Odyssey Touring, and wanted to update the data DVD. DON'T buy a cheap 'refurbished' DVD on eBay. I tried that and it re-set my system and then failed to upload. In the process apparently shorted a circuit board. Local dealer wanted $2,648.00 to replace. Sent the DVD drive to Alpine, who repaired for $358.00.

Just reinstalled, and ALL IS WELL. Have not been using the on-board system enough to know the pros & cons. I like the large screen, and - so far - have had few problems finding destinations. I have a MAGELLAN back up stand-a-lone. Workshop Manual Peugeot 307 Hdi Diesel. The built-in also provides the back up camera, compass on dash, and correct time on clock.

So far, much prefer the built-in system. Oddyssey 2011 touring does not have the latest data installed in GPS, original install during manufacture, sometime in 2010, it is now late 2012, NavTec says that there are multiple issues and there will be NO updates until late 2013. Meanwhile there are many changes to our highways, interchanges, points of interest etc. Other companys (Garmin for example) permits multiple updates per year to maps and other data. I have a letter from Honda basicly saying they are not going to do anything about the lacking data updates. I bought a 2012 Odyssey Touring Elite in September to replace my 2005 Odyssey EX-L. The car is great, but the navigation system maps are hopelessly outdated.