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2015 Toyota Highlander Navigation Manual

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2015 Toyota Highlander – PDF Owner's Manuals. Navigation Manual. 2015 Highlander/Highlander HV: REAR SEAT ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM OPERATION. View and Download Toyota Navigation and Multimedia System owner's. Car Navigation system Toyota 2015. Car Navigation system Toyota 2014 highlander Manual. Entune Premium Audio with Navigation Owners of this system should refer to the “Navigation and Multime- dia System Owner's Manual”. Page 3: Audio System Operation Buttons 3-2. Using the audio system Audio system Operations such as listening to audio, using the hands-free phone and changing audio settings are started by using the following but- tons. Audio system operation buttons “CAR” button Press this button to access the energy monitor/consumption screen. How To Operate Your Toyota Navigation System Easily *** Stevens Creek. Toyota Highlander 2017 / 2018. 2014/2015 Toyota Prius Interior.

2015 Toyota Highlander Navigation Manual

• 2015 Highlander Quick Reference Guide. • Floor mat installation All information in this Quick Reference Guide is current at the FEATURES Seat belts time of printing. Toyota reserves the right to make changes at Seat belts-Shoulder belt anchor any time without notice. Spare tire & tools. • OVERVIEW Instrument panel Steering wheel controls Automatic Air Conditioning Vehicles with Entune Audio System Manual Air Conditioning (if equipped) Type A AUDIO HOME SETUP/APPS* Type B *LE models have a “SETUP” button, while LE PLUS models have an “APPS” button Vehicles with Entune Premium Audio System with Navigation and App Suite AUDIO. • Shift position and shift range If indicator does not turn off within a few seconds of starting engine, there may be a malfunction. Have vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer.

* Gas model vehicles display Tachometer while Hybrid model vehicles display Power Meter. • OVERVIEW Keyless entry Smart Key system (if equipped) Locking operation Start function Without Smart Key system With Smart Key system Push will be displayed on the multi-information display.

If it is not displayed, the engine cannot be started. Depress Push brake pedal Unlocking operation NOTE: Parking brake must be set. • OVERVIEW Fuel tank door release and cap Engine maintenance Store Turn to open Pull Push NOTE: Tighten until one click is When the fuel door heard. 05 Fx Ho Service Manual.

If the cap is not tightened cannot be opened by pressing the inside enough, Check Engine “ ”. • FEATURES/OPERATIONS Automatic Transmission Auto lock/unlock Automatic door locks can be programmed to operate in two different modes, or turned OFF.

-Doors lock when shifting from Park. Park* -Doors lock when the vehicle speed goes above approximately 12 mph. -Doors unlock when shifting into Park. Renault Laguna Radio Code Manual more. Reverse Vehicles without Smart Key system Neutral. • FEATURES/OPERATIONS Tilt and telescopic steering wheel Sliding operation Angle The moon roof stops slightly before the fully open position to reduce wind noise and the Length shade opens fully.

Slide the switch again to fully open or close the moon roof. Lock release lever Hold wheel, push lever down, set angle and length, and return lever. • FEATURES/OPERATIONS Seat adjustments-Rear Programmable power liftgate Second row type 1 Second row type 2 Third row seat 1. When the liftgate reaches the desired height, push the rear liftgate close- button (on the door jam of the liftgate) once. Press and hold the button until it beeps 4 times. • FEATURES/OPERATIONS Windshield wipers & washers Turn signals Front Rear Right turn Adjust frequency* Single wipe Lane change Wash and wipe Wipe Interval wipe Lane change Slow Interval wipe Fast Left turn Wash and wipe Pull to wash and wipe Power outlets-12V DC * Intermittent windshield wiper frequency adjustment Rotate to increase/decrease wipe frequency. • FEATURES/OPERATIONS Multi-Information Display Windows-Power Type 1 Driver side Window lock switch Down Automatic operation front row or all-position (if equipped) Push the switch Push “DISP” to change information in the following: completely down or pull it completely up and release to fully open or close.