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Army Vehicle Recovery Manual

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Army Vehicle Recovery Field ManualsArmy Vehicle Recovery ManualArmy Vehicle Recovery Manual Fm 20 - 22

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY FIELD MANUAL FM Vehicle Recovery Operations This manual provides the necessary information and guidance for troops of all branches of the Army to recover vehicles and equipment that have become disabled, including disability that may result from the effects of terrain, enemy action, or mechanical malfunction. This is actually a very interesting book. I highly recommend it to the 4x4 and Jeep off-road enthusiasts.

Deals a lot with tanks and such but there are concepts that would still work today in a stressful situations. Be sure to check out the 2nd half of the book, goes over some field-expedient repairs for the McGyver in us all!

Chapter 1 Introduction to Recovery and Battle Damage Assessment and. Self-Recovery and Like-Vehicle Recovery. And battle damage assessment and repair. Sep 11, 2015  Im not sure which catagory to post this in, and not even sure if it would be of interest to anyone.but long ago, Uncle Sam wrote a.

8 Us Army Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic - Electrical Courses, 43 Credit Hours of Courses, od1001 US Army Light Wheel Vehicle Engines, od1002 Wheeled Vehicle Electrical Systems, od1003 Wheeled Vehicle Electrical Systems (part II), od1004 Wheeled Vehicle Fuel and Exhaust Systems edition 6, od1005 Wheeled Vehicle Clutches, Transmissions, and Transfers, od1007 Wheeled Vehicle Steering Systems, od1008 Wheeled Vehicle Braking Systems. To Learn More =. M35 Military 6x6 Truck Maintenance - Repair - Overhaul Manuals Library From Early Reo - M35a1- M35a2 - M44a1 - M44a2. The M35 Series is the Base Model with many variations in service. To Learn More =. M37 Dodge 3/4-ton 4x4 and 1 1/2-ton 6x6 Military Surplus Truck Manuals These tough wwii Dodge trucks are second only to Jeep in popularity for collectors of military vehicles. These carefuly digitized military manuals with pictures and charts cover the M37, M37B1, M42, M43, M43B1, M56, M201,M201B1 T245 series military vehicles.

Operator, technical, maintenance overhaul and repair manuals. To Learn More =. Willys Jeep Manuals, M38, M151, Jeep Willys military surplus vehicles manuals Willys Jeep parts lists, Us Army Jeeps, surplus military vehicles manuals for sale, If your looking for military vehicles for sale or to be more specific World War 2 Willys Jeeps for sale you need these manuals. MB GPW M38A1 M151 M151 A M151 A2 M170 M718.

To Learn More =. M800 M809 Series Military Truck Manual sets 5 ton 6x6 Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Lube, Depot, Operators Truck manuals for M809 M810 M811 M811A1 M811A2 M812 M812A1 M813 M813A1 M814 M815 M816 M817 M818 m819 M820 M820A1 M820A2. To Learn More =. M880 M890 Military Truck Manuals 4X4 1 1/4 Ton Maintenance Repair Operators Manual M880, M881, M882, M883, M884, M885, M890,M892, M886, M888. To Learn More =. M39 Series Military 6x6 5 Ton Truck Manuals M39, M40, M41, M51, M54, M61, M62, M63, M139, M246, M809, H-542 Military Manuals Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Lube, Operators Manual.

To Learn More =. M561 / M792 Military 6x6 1.25 ton Truck. The Gama Goat is a Vietnam era articulated six wheel aluminum dual bodied ultimate amphibious off-road military vehicle. Standard configurations are 1.25 ton cargo truck and ambulance. To Learn More =. GMC M135 Truck 6x6 Manuals M211 M215 M217 M220 M221 M222 GMC Model 302 Engine 301 MG and 303M Hydra-Matic Transmissions. To Learn More =.

M715 Kaiser Jeep Manuals 1.25 Ton Military Truck M715, M725, M726 1¼ ton, or five quarter ton truck Its civilian brother was the Jeep Gladiator. A Vietnam era vehicle Mande from 1967 -- 1969. The bodies are cargo, troop carrier and ambulances. To Learn More =. Military Mule Manual s M274A2 M274A3 M274A4 M274A5 M274 and M274A1 truck platform utility 1/2 ton 4x4 operations and maintenance related manuals.

To Learn More =. Mighty Might M422 M422A1 Manuals Lubrication Preventive-maintenance services Troubleshooting Engine description and maintenance in vehicle Power plant Engine and clutch assembly Cooling system Fuel system Exhaust system Ignition system Starting system Engine lubrication system Engine ventilating system Generating system Electrical system Instrument panel switches instruments gages Clutch pedal linkage Transmission and transfer assembly Propeller shafts Front and rear differentials Brake system Wheels and tires Suspension system Steering system Body and frame. To Learn More =. M60 Series Tank Manual set combat full tracked M60A1 M60A2 M60A3 Walter Kidde M65 M728 M60A1E2 M48A3 GRC M41 M42A1 M48A2 M48A3 M56 M60 M6 M106 M125 M113 M113A1 M132 M132A1 M114A1 M116 M163 M55 M578 M728 M48A2 M60A1. To Learn More =. Scout Car M3A1 TM 9-705 operating instructions description, operation and controls armament inspection lubrication care and preservation tools and equipment on vehicle.

To Learn More =. Sherman Tank M4-A3 M4a3 Manual Set operating instructions controls lubrication power unit and accessories. To Learn More =. WWII DUKW 352 353 GMC CCKW GMC CCW-3'53 TM9-801, TM 9-802 GMC DUKW 6x6 DUKW 1942 amphibious 2-1/2 ton truck manual set. To Learn More =.

WWII US Half-Track M2 M2A1 M3 M3A1 M4 M4A1 M5 M5A1 M9 M9A1 M16 M16A1 T19 T30 manual set operations, maintenance, and other related manuals for WW2 US half-tracks. To Learn More =. TM 9-879 Harley Davidson WLA Operator Service and Maintence Manual.

To Learn More =. Military Dump Truck manual set M47 M917 M917A1 W15A W15A4112 W15B9019 F-5070 DAAE07-77-C4211 WD6S W15B9019 613BWDS 613BWDNS. To Learn More =.

Mercedes Benz Om442 Manual. 0040 Carrier M113 Family. To Learn More =. Armored Carrier M113 M981 Personnel Carrier Full Tracked, Armored Fire Support M113A2 M113A3 M577A2 M106A2 M29A1 M125A2 M1059 M121 M1064 M1068.

To Learn More =. Carrier Personnel M577A3 Armored Full Tracked Maintenance Manuals M1068A3 M11313 M1059A3. To Learn More =. Tracked Armored Personel Carrier M981 maintenance manuals set full tracked armored fire support.

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M800 M809 Series Military Truck Manual sets 5 ton 6x6 Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Lube, Depot, Operators Truck manuals for M809 M810 M811 M811A1 M811A2 M812 M812A1 M813 M813A1 M814 M815 M816 M817 M818 m819 M820 M820A1 M820A2. To Learn More =.

Tracked Cargo Carrier M548A3 M1015A1 manual sets. To Learn More =. Heavy Equipment Transport HET M911 maintenance operators manuals.

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M973 SUSV Small Unit Support Vehicle Utility tracked cargo vehicle SUSV M973 A1 1 1/2 ton technical manuals on. To Learn More =. M977 HEMTT Truck Manuals Military 8X8 10 Ton Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck M977, M978, M983, M984, M984E1, M985, M985E1. To Learn More =. Military Palletized Loading System PLS SYS M1074 Manuals Set. To Learn More =.

0122 Medium Tactical Vehicles Family Family Medium Tactical Vehicles Index. To Learn More =.

Light Medium Tactical Vehicles 4x4 5-ton series LMTV manual Ml078 M1078A1 M1079 M1079A1 M1080 M1080A1 M1081 M1084A1. To Learn More =.

Medium Tactical Vehicles Manuals 6x6 5-ton series FMTV M1083A1 m1083 M1083A1 M1084 M1085 M1086 M1086A1 M1088 M1089 M1089A1 M1090 M1090A1 M1092 M1092A1 M1093 M1093A1 M1094 M1094A1 M1096 M1096A1. To Learn More =. Hmmwv Hummer Humvee High mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle, training program, lube charts, radio installation, general operators Manual, organizational maintenance, unit maintenance for truck, 1-1/4 ton, engine maintenance (rebuild), engine parts and tools list, lubrication order Army trucks Hummer manual. To Learn More =.

M1008 CUCV Small Unit Support Vehicle Utility cargo vehicle M1008 series 1 1/4 ton 4x4 truck CUCV M1008, M1009, M1010, M1030, M1031 technical manuals on. To Learn More =. Military Landing Craft Utility operators manual maintenance rebuilding special tools technical military manuals on. To Learn More =. Bridges floating fixed assault and related equipment manuals USCSBMK1 USCSBMK2 M19 Bridge erection boat MKII-S CUSCSBMK-1 USCSBMK2 Cradle bridge float bridge ribbon bridge 2280 m16. To Learn More =.

All Military Trailers Cargo Semi Utility Tank maintenance manuals. To Learn More =. Yard Tractor M878A2 NSN 2320-01-452-5579 46662 M878AX.

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Howitzers Medium Self-propelled M109 series maintenance manual set. To Learn More =. Armored Reconnaissance Airborne Assault Vehicle M551 Manual Set Full Tracked Gun Launcher. To Learn More =. Tank Recovery Vehicle M578 M88A1 Offering the Available Manuals, Operators, Unit maintenance, Direct support, general support repair parts and special tools list.

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To Learn More =. Self-propelled Howitzer 8 Inch military manual FM. To Learn More =. Howitzers Towed GGBX 105-MM Manual Set M101 M101A1 M102 M1A1 M82 M17 M198 M199 M90A2 M90A3 M186 M2A2 M119A1 M119A2 M113A1 M134A1 M114A1 M14A1 M17 M17A1 M18 M18A1 M171 M171A1 M172 M137 M137A2 M137A3 M138 138A1.

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