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Demoor Lathe Manual

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LATHES, MILLERS, GRINDERS, SHAPERS, BORERS and OTHER MACHINE TOOL Instruction, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Handbooks and Parts Manuals. BASIC INFORMATION Manufacturer Demoor Model 825S360 Serial # 6845-5-10598 Location Huntington Park,CA Year Built SPECIFICATIONS Swing Over Bed 38' Swing Over. May 22, 2018  A friend has just acquired a Demoor 600 Gap bed lathe and is very unfamiliar with it's controls. Can anyone please offer history and maybe some operating notes / instructions please. I'd say that machine is a European import by the 600 group. Possibly a 1950's design, maybe Belgian. Demoor lathe Hello, doe s anyone know anything /experience of demoor lathes of ordinary size. Machinery Manual, Brochure and Photo Archives.

Can you guys tell me if this is a good deal or not. Its come up somewhat near me but is about 2 hours away. Its a LOGAN MODEL 825. Which is the 10'. Guy says he bought it in the 80's and I believe he said original owner.

Demoor Lathe ManualDemoor Lathe ManualDemoor Lathe Manual

This was in his secondary shop that was smaller, and barely used sparingly as it wasn't the main lathe. Closed down his shop twenty years ago, and has been sitting covered up for that time.

I also believe he said he might have painted it again, but 2 years ago. Comes with original manual, and a full set of collets.

He is/was asking $1300 originally, but after talking on phone twice, he is now down to $1200. (dont forget, its 2 hours away, so 4 hours driving) Heres some pictures, any info, thoughts, or tips/things to look for are greatly appreciated. I have no need for a lathe. Had a small craftsman Atlas one once, smaller one though, and enjoyed it. But now that I have other metal working stuff, Im always keeping an eye out for that one set of machinery that is worth buying, and having, instead of not. So I just want to make sure, and hope I can get a general consensus as to what you all think about this machine, and its price. Do they match, or should I offer him something less.

What do you guys think? Judging by the pictures and the teeth on the gears, has this had much use, and can I expect to have this for a long time and have no issues. Thanks in advance. I have almost that exact same model, although I think mine's a 950.

(Larger spindle bore, longer bed.) $1200 for a relatively low-miles example is, in my opinion, a very good to great deal. Keep in mind that, unless I'm mistaken on the scale of the parts, that's a 5C collet closer, but the late has too small a spindle bore to use it. (About or slightly under 1', whereas the 5C needs at least 1-3/8'.) That said, it almost looks like the collets are too small for the closer- if they're 3AT collets, they'll work with the lathe, assuming you have the nose insert and drawbar. A 5C closer can itself be sold off for a couple hundred, so even if it is the wrong piece, you can recoup some cash from it. The paint job could be worrisome- if it has, indeed, been sitting for many years, and had low miles even before that, why paint it?

The goop on the gears is probably open gear lube- a waxy greaselike lube specifically for open gears like that. However, from the look of the inside of the gear cover, it hasn't been run, possibly not at all, since the painting. I'd definitely look at it in person. If nothing obviously wrong appears, and it can run (is it 3-phase?) I'd jump at it. Unless collet use is mandatory, in which case you might want to wait for a more appropriate model. I am near orange county.

Between the two which is better? -The South bend is heavier, but set up with a turret, rather than a tailstock. I doubt you're looking to mass-produce runs of identical small parts so I suspect the turret will be of essentially zero value to you. Also, having clearly been used for production work, the SB is almost guaranteed to have more wear than the Logan, especially if we can actually believe the claim of minimal use on the latter.

Assuming you're just looking for a small home/garage/hobby lathe, in my opinion the Logan is the better choice. The SB may be beefier, but if badly worn, a lot of that beef isn't as useful. The turret can be sold off (for several hundred dollars) and replaced with a proper tailstock (though also for a couple hundred dollars) though since the turret is powered, I believe you'd also need a new leadscrew and support as well.

The 825 is a 10', which puts the spindle hole at a tad over 3/4', MT3, and a threaded spindle nose (1 1/2-8 thread). The Logan 11' has the 5C capability with 'full sized' spindle hole, needing a special adapter to get an MT. He is at the top end of the price range.

But the machine IS an underdrive, with QC and the full 'automatic' apron. He may have collet setup that fits, I can't tell for sure. There were lever collet setups for the 10', Logan made a TON of manual screw machine versions that used them. As for collets, the Logan screw machines use W&S collets, the others used 3AT, but 3C (Southbend) collets are also perfectly usable if you have the closer. 2012 Chevy Silverado 2500 Diesel Service Manual. Around $900 maybe $1000 for that. At $1100, you should, around here, be able to get an 11', which is a gunsmith sized machine. The 11' can have hardened ways, a modern non-threaded spindle, etc.