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Gambro Ak96 Manual

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An approach that benefits patients – and clinics Every person suffering from kidney disease deserves the right therapy, at the right time, in the right clinical environment. We created the AK 98 system to provide healthcare professionals with an HD solution to help them overcome challenges, potentially improving the quality of life for patients while balancing clinical targets with operational requirements. Combined with our consumables and services, this integrated treatment option enables the right solution for you and your clinic, no matter where you are. Optimal Operational efficiency • User-friendly training and operation • Short time between treatments • Smart alarm design • Bi-directional connectivity for prescription upload/download Optimal patient care • HDx enabled by THERANOVA, an innovative membrane for effective removal of large middle molecules not effectively removed by high flux HD and HDF. • DIASCAN functionality helps you meet your dialysis adequacy targets more frequently with real-time dose monitoring.

Do not use THERANOVA dialyzers for HDF (hemodiafiltration) or HF (hemofiltration) due to higher permeability of larger molecular weight proteins such as albumin. Connectivity and digitization are becoming crucial to improve quality control and operational efficiency. By connecting your IT network, the AK 98 system lets you manage and integrate your clinic and patient information with ease.

With direct transfer of treatment data at the end of each session, digital access to treatment history and files eliminates manual document-handling and accompanying errors. • Programmable presets; one-way, two-way, or none • HL7-based bidirectional communication with data encryption • Information is secured and stored in Central Information Systems (CIS) • Data cleared after Function check. HDF performance and beyond as simple as HD The THERANOVA dialyzer, featuring an innovative membrane, effectively targets large middle molecules not efficiently removed by currently available dialysis treatments. It provides expanded hemodialysis therapy, HDx, providing HDF performance and beyond in the removal of middle and large middle molecules, using regular HD infrastructure.

Gambro Ak 96 Manual

Do not use THERANOVA dialyzers for HDF (hemodiafiltration) or HF (hemofiltration) due to higher permeability of larger molecular weight proteins such as albumin. • HIGHER PERMEABILITY The THERANOVA dialyzer has a significantly higher permeability for large middle molecules than conventional high-flux membranes. 1,2 • ENHANCED SELECTIVITY The THERANOVA dialyzer membrane, combining a unique asymmetric 3-layer structure, 3,4 enables a stable separation profile and selectivity throughout the treatment. • A STEP CLOSER TO THE NATURAL KIDNEY By expanding the range of solutes removed in dialysis the THERANOVA dialyzer is coming a step closer to the natural kidney, while retaining selectivity towards albumin and other essential proteins.

• AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual A better way to better care. • AK 95 / AK 95 S - Service manual Contents: Chapter 1 Installation guide Chapter 2 Technical description Chapter 3 Technical data Chapter 4 Service technician’s guide Chapter 5 Maintenance manual Chapter 6 Calibrations Chapter 7 Spare parts list Chapter 8 Cable survey. • This service manual provides the information writing by the manufacturer and carried out needed to install the AK 95 or AK 95 S by appropriately trained and suitable monitor and how to carry out maintenance qualified people. • Publication no. Denomination HCEN9095, Rev. 10.2006 AK 95 / AK 95 S - Service Manual The complete AK 95 / AK 95 S - Service Manual, HCEN9095, consists of the following separate chapters: HCEN9133 Rev. 2004 Installation Guide HCEN9134 Rev.

I also really need the manual please send to my mail [email protected] Making possible personal. CREATING THE PATH TO QUALITY-ASSURED HD TREATMENT As a pioneer and innovator in dialysis, Baxter. THE NEW GAMBRO. Gambro service manual - File size: 1430 Kb Version: 4.9 Date added: 12 Nov 2013 Price: Free Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 MacOS Downloads: 5439 DOWNLOAD NOW This is an official online service provided by the wisconsin department of safety and professional services. This is an official online service provided by the.

2005 Technical Description HCEN9369 Rev. • This page is intentionally left blank. • Installation Guide AK 95 / AK 95 S January 2004. • This installation Guide provides the information needed to install both AK 95 and AK 95 S. The text from this point forward only states AK 95 S. AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual HCEN 9133 Rev. • Physical Data When unpacking, the equipment should be The AK 95 S can be installed in most environ- checked.

If the equipment is in any way dam- ments if certain conditions as the temperature, aged, proper operation cannot be guaranteed. • Installation Guide Mains Voltage and Power Consumption Tools The AK 95 S must be plugged into a grounded The tools listed below are needed during the power point not more than 3 metres distant. Installation procedure. Mains voltage: • Tube cutter, 113 500 084 100 V(at 50 Hz or 60 Hz) •.

The AK 95 S charge the battery as long as the AC/DC con- Main switch, verter is switched on, i.e. AK 95 S itself does not ON/OFF need to be switched on. The battery is tested during every functional. • Move the cover upwards and then back- wards.

Pull the cover to the right just 10 mm (if you are positioned in front of the AK 95 S). Turn the cover backwards counter-clockwise to pass the circuit boards and the cover can be removed. • Installation Guide Installation of RP 95 S NOTE! Hach Soil Kit Manual. This instruction is for AK 95 S equipped with RP 95 S at delivery. RP 95 S can also be ordered and installed as a kit, K23054. Refer to rebuilding instruction K23055.

Fasten the cable even on the back part of machine with the enclosed cable holder - use an existing screw. AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual HCEN 9133 Rev. • Fuse: T15 A Running time: 30 minutes The charge indicator on the power supply is lit when the AK 95 S is equipped with the back-up battery. The machine must be connected to mains voltage and the mains switch must be on. • • That the drain tube is properly connected to the machine and placed with an air gap between If a power failure occurs when AK 95 S is work- the drain tube and the drain.

Ing, the same segment in the TIME display is flashing. • Installation Guide This page is intentionally left blank 1:10 AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual HCEN 9133 Rev. • Gambro Service representative.

This record is to be signed and filed by the Service Engineer responsible for the installation. Serial number.1:11 AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual HCEN 9133 Rev. • Installation Guide This page is intentionally left blank 1:12 AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual HCEN 9133 Rev. • Gambro Lundia AB, Monitor Division Box 10101 SE-220 10 Lund Sweden Tel: +46 46 16 90 00 Fax: +46 46 16 96 96 • CPU board.2:15 Battery.2:15 Expansion board.2:15 Prom module board.2:15 Fan..2:15 Driver board.

2:15 Rear printed circuit boards. 2:16 AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual HCEN 9134 Rev. • Introduction General AK 95 S operates in either acetate- or The AK 95 S is designed to be used as a single bicarbonate mode. In bicarbonate mode the patient machine to perform conventional hemo- monitor mixes dialysis fluid from water and two dialysis. • For information about the use and functions of the parameters in level 4, see Ace tate AK 95 Operators Manual, HCEN 9542 or AK 95 S Operators Manual, HCEN 9794. AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual HCEN 9134 Rev.

• Technical Description Fluid Part Flow Diagram Figure 2. AK 95 S Flow Diagram, Bicarbonate/BiCart Valves BYVA Bypass valve INVA Inlet valve TAVA Taration (UF) valve DRVA Degass restrictor valve EVVA Evacuation valve RIVA Rinse valve AIVA Air inlet valve ZEVA.

• Technical Description AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual HCEN 9134 Rev. • Technical Description AK 95 / AK 95 S Service Manual HCEN 9134 Rev. Normaly during treatment INVA is open. The main function of the temperature transduc- ers in the AK 95 S is to measure the dialysis fluid temperature and control the heat regula- tion. The regulating temperature transducer,, is located after the heater.