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Ge Monogram Refrigerator Technical Service Manual

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Find GE Refrigerator service manual. And technical terms. GE Beverage Center ZIDS240WB Service and Repair Manual GE Monogram Refrigerator/Freezer. Technical Service Guide. Part in any form without written permission from the General Electric Company. Refrigerator for air circulation.

• GE Consumer & Industrial TECHNICAL SERVICE GUIDE Monogram Inverter Compressor Side-By-Side Refrigerators GEA01265 MODEL SERIES: ZIS360NR ZIS420NR ZIS480NR ZIS_360DR ZIS_420DR ZIS_480DR PUB # 31-9117 04/04. • If grounding wires, screws, straps, clips, nuts, or washers used to complete a path to ground are removed for service, they must be returned to their original position and properly fastened.

GE Consumer & Industrial Technical Service Guide Copyright © 2004 All rights reserved. • Table of Contents Technical Data...5 Model Nomenclature...6 Rating Plate...6 Mini-Manual...6 Serial Number...6 Component Locator Views...

7 Cabinet...10 Machine Compartment...10 Door Closure Mechanism...11 Doors and Hinges...11 Door Gaskets... • Table of Contents (cont.) Compartment Lights...44 FF/FZ Compartment Lights Diagnostic..44 Door Switches...

45 Master Light Switch...45 Temperature Overload Device (TOD)..45 Circuit Breakers... 46 Transformers...46 Light Bulb Replacement...46 Schematics... • Technical Data Important Safety Notice: WARNING: Disconnect power cord before This information is intended for use by individuals servicing. Zetor 8011 Tractor Service Manual on this page. Possessing adequate backgrounds of electrical, Note: Reconnect all grounding devices. Electronic, and mechanical experience. Any All parts of this appliance capable of conducting attempt to repair a major appliance may result in electrical current are grounded. • Model Nomenclature Z I S S 480 N R A LH Brand/Product Door Type Z - Monogram F - Flat R - Right L - Left Door Swing Style I - Built-In Engineering A - Initial Design Configuration B - 1st Revision S - Side by Side C - 2nd Revision D - 3rd Revision.

• Component Locator Views Compressor Inverter Accumulator Master Light Switch Figure 1 - Machine Compartment Evaporator Defrost Heater Evaporator Thermistor Evaporator Overtemperature Thermodisc (TOD) Figure 2 - Evaporator (Top of Freezer) – 7 –. • Water Valve Evaporator Fan Motor Evaporator Fan Connector Figure 3 - Water Valve Figure 4 - Evaporator Fan (Center of Machine Compartment) Housing Under Center of Unit Circuit Breakers Transformers Figure 5 - Light Circuit Transformers – 8 –. • Freezer Fresh Food Door Switch Door Switch Temperature Touch Pad Icemaker Damper Airflow Grille Water Filter Auger Drive Cube Solenoid Fresh Food Thermistors Freezer Thermistor Lower Fresh Food Lights Temperature Climate Control Overload Device Drawer Fan Temperature (TOD) Overload Device (TOD) Climate Control Drawer Dampers.

• Cabinet The outer case is made of pre-painted galvanized Machine Compartment steel. The fresh food and freezer liners are painted metal with a smooth finish. The liners are not removable or replaceable. Machine Compartment The machine compartment is located on the top of the unit and has a movable chassis that can be extended from the front of the unit to provide The Master Light Switch is located behind the.

• Door Closure Mechanism Doors and Hinges The door closure mechanism uses a spring to The doors are of one-piece construction with foam provide positive door closure from approximately insulation. The door closure mechanism The inner door panel and outer door panel cannot actuator arm has a spring attached to the rear and be separated and must be replaced as an is supported by guide rollers on either side of the. • Lower Door Hinge Hinge Note: If replacing lower door hinge, note the placement of the door stop (pin). Remove the door. Bushing Base Channel Spacer Note: Note the placement of spacers and washers for reassembly. Hinge 5/16' 2.

Remove 3/8-in. Hex screws (4) and hinge from the Bolt Door Stop underside of the cabinet. • Under normal operating conditions, temperatures, door openings, and food load, the icemaker is capable of producing approximately 100 to 130 cubes in a 24-hour period. To service the icemaker, refer to GE Publication 31-9063. Green Power Light Feeler Arm. • Water Valve and Water Tank The water valve is mounted in the left side of the Water Valve machine compartment. Screw Screw A plastic water line is routed from under the unit, up the back of the cabinet, into the machine compartment, and to the water filter.

• Airflow Damper The fresh food compartment receives chilled air via an electronic damper that is positioned at the top rear of the fresh food compartment. The damper is controlled by the main control board and when open, allows the evaporator fan to push chilled air from the evaporator into the fresh food compartment. • Fans Evaporator Fan The position of the fan blade in relation to the shroud is important.

Refer to illustration for specifications. 5/16 +/-.03 Airflow The evaporator fan is the same fan used on previous models; however a significant difference is that the main control board does not require, nor receive, input from the fan feedback/rpm (blue) wire. • If the fan shorts, it may damage the main control Evaporator Fan Adjustment board. If the resistor on the main control board is burnt, you must replace the fan and the board (see photo). Evaporator and Condenser Fan Resistors 5/16 +/-.03 Airflow Some of the low voltage DC connector labeling on this model. • White Wire (DC Common) The white wire is the DC common wire used for testing.