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Honda Gc160 Engine Shop Manual

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Hello, folks. I'm the *very* lucky owner of not ONE but TWO *wonderful* Honda GCV 160 powered devices, and both of them are a dream come true. Sarcasm Does anyone know where I can get a repair manual for this engine? The 160 on my lawnmower refuses to run correctly. It will run fine for a few minutes from cold, but it starts to cough, sputter, backfire then die. I can run it for 30 seconds before it dies again. I've checked the carb and it's fine.

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Download or purchase shop manuals and service support materials for Honda Power Equipment. Generator Troubleshooting Manual. Thank you for purchasing a Honda engine. We want to help you get the best results from your new engine and operate it safely. MANUAL DEL PROPIETARIO GCV160 • GCV190.

Honda Gc 160 Engine Manual

Nothing plugged, fresh gas; no varnish. My next guess is to check the timing, and I've got a good handle on how to approach that from reading posts on this forum. Is there anything else I can check, such as ignition? Thanks for all your help.

I'm moving in two months and would rather try to get as much life out of this mower before I leave. I agree with 30YT that it's probably a fuel problem as opposed to ignition. The timing would not change on a running motor. It's typically either good or bad and the things that would cause it to change on a running motor are all pretty unlikely scenarios. I have seen magnetos(ignition modules) be intermittent and the best way to check that is with a gap type tester that you leave in series with the plug and watch the spark with the engine running.

When the engine begins to shut down, if the spark is going away, that's a good indicator it is the cause of the shutdown. If it isn't, I'd make the leap of faith that the ignition is probably OK and your problem is elsewhere(most likely fuel delivery). Peugeot Boxer 330 2 2hdi 2015 Service Manual. In addition to inspecting and cleaning the carb, have you tried loosening the gas cap and running it. If the vent is plugged in the cap it will run for some period of time till the bowl is empty and then stop. Restarting can be difficult.

Finally, regarding the manual. You can get them from Honda distributes their manuals through them. Here is the link for your manual. (I haven't seen these on line anywhere for free) Let us know how you make out. Hi all, I'm a new member from Orange County, California, USA. I need some hints for the GCV160.

Honda Gc 160 Engine Parts

Mine won't start - it stopped in mid-operation. Thought the kill switch went bad but it's OK. Changed spark plug, replaced gas. Still no start. It might be bad gas - I have never stabilized the gas, but didn't worry about it since I use it every week normally, and there is no off-season in this part of the country. I guess I need to get into the carb, etc, but would like to look at a repair manual first so I don't mess something up. I like to repair things, but would like to know the tricks.

Appreciate any help. First thing to know is that I know almost nothing about small engines. I hit a baseball while cutting the grass. The engine stalled.

Honda Gc160 Engine Shop ManualHonda Gc160 Repair Manual Free

I started it up again, but pulling the cord was hard. After starting, a puff of white smoke came out of the exhaust. I lifted the mower up and saw that the two blades were locked together. That wasn't how they were when I looked before. The two blades run separately, right?

Do they turn in the same direction or counter each other? Have I destroyed the gears? Should I try in dislodge the two blades from each other? First thing to know is that I know almost nothing about small engines.

I hit a baseball while cutting the grass. Rimoldi Vega Ii Manual. The engine stalled. I started it up again, but pulling the cord was hard.