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Isilon Manual

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Isilon X410 ManualIsilon Manual

Isilon Command Line Interface Manual Manual. Table 4: OneFS Job Engine default job schedules. The full list of jobs and schedules can be viewed via the CLI command “ isi job. Isilon is a scale out network-attached storage platform offered by Dell EMC for high-volume storage, backup and archiving of unstructured data. It provides a cluster-based storage array based on industry standard hardware, and is scalable to 50 petabytes in a single filesystem using its FreeBSD-derived OneFS file system. An Isilon clustered storage system is composed of three or more nodes.

In environments with several different types of directory services, OneFS maps the users and groups from the separate services to provide a single unified identity on an EMC Isilon cluster and uniform access control to files and directories, regardless of the incoming protocol. This process is called identity mapping.

Isilon clusters are frequently deployed in multiprotocol environments with multiple types of directory services, such as Active Directory and LDAP. When a user with accounts in multiple directory services logs in to a cluster, OneFS combines the user’s identities and privileges from all the directory services into a native access token. You can configure OneFS settings to include a list of rules for access token manipulation to control user identity and privileges.

For example, you can set a user mapping rule to merge an Active Directory identity and an LDAP identity into a single token that works for access to files stored over both SMB and NFS. The token can include groups from Active Directory and LDAP. The mapping rules that you create can solve identity problems by manipulating access tokens in many ways, including the following examples: • Authenticate a user with Active Directory but give the user a UNIX identity. • Select a primary group from competing choices in Active Directory or LDAP. • Disallow login of users that do not exist in both Active Directory and LDAP. For more information about identity management, see the white paper Managing identities with the Isilon OneFS user mapping service at EMC Online Support.

Identity types. OneFS supports three primary identity types, each of which you can store directly on the file system. Identity types are user identifier and group identifier for UNIX, and security identifier for Windows. When you log on to an EMC Isilon cluster, the user mapper expands your identity to include your other identities from all the directory services, including Active Directory, LDAP, and NIS.

Stihl Fs 26 Parts Manual. After OneFS maps your identities across the directory services, it generates an access token that includes the identity information associated with your accounts. A token includes the following identifiers: • A UNIX user identifier (UID) and a group identifier (GID). A UID or GID is a 32-bit number with a maximum value of 4,294,967,295. • A security identifier (SID) for a Windows user account. A SID is a series of authorities and sub-authorities ending with a 32-bit relative identifier (RID). Most SIDs have the form S-1-5-21- - - -, where,, and are specific to a domain or computer and denotes the object in the domain.