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Jaguar V8 Conversion Manual

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Hi all, Thanks for the earlier welcome Steve;) Given the right parts from a donor car, is there any reason that I couldn't swap out the auto gearbox in a 3.0 S sport auto, for a 5 speed manual? I haven't been able to find a 3.0 manual at the right price / spec / condition, so I'm pretty close to closing a deal on a sport auto with a gearbox fault. I know I'd need clutch, linkages, the stick and internal trim, but are there compatibility issues or anything else I should be aware of?

Has anyone else done this? I've put some feelers out to eBay breakers, as I'm not currently planning on purchasing a separate donor. But if the idea is a non starter, it would be good to know before I commit expense and further time to it.

SUNCOAST CONVERSIONS. JAGUAR V-8 CONVERSIONS. This highly informative Manual is included, in addition to the Conversion Instruction Manual. Chp Commercial Manual. Considering putting a 4.0 supercharged v8 from an xjr into the 14. Anyone know of a manual box that will mate with it or a way round using a jaguar.

Thanks in advance for any advice and comments! Cheers, Russ:). Hi again, Thanks Andy, is that your MGF as well? I've had a BRG '96 for 12 years, cracking little car! I decided against the auto I was bidding on and I'm now focusing on finding a 3.0 manual. I've lusted after various jags over the years and briefly owned an '74 XJ6 some time ago, and I'm convinced the S Type 3.0 type sport manual is the car for me, a modern day Mark 2 with Grace, Space and Pace.

I did strongly think about the 3.0 X Type, but it's only marginally lighter, has a transverse engine, less power and isn't the classic rear drive format (plus having every other smartarse telling me it was just a Modeo could become annoying! It'll be our 3rd car, so I'm in no huge rush, but I hope to secure one over the next months, after which I'm sure you'll hear from me again. Cheers, Russ. There was a particular 3.0 sport auto I was bidding on for crazy money, but it ended up going for a little more than would've been worth the hassle of collecting and converting. So buying a manual is now the plan, there is a 2002, 2.5 sport manual locally, with the updated interior, but you can feel the lose of the 40 bhp, so I'll hold out for a 3.0. £3500 for the Y reg Mike found is a bit rich, and too far away, but this is the type of thing we're after.

I much prefer the look of the sport, but hadn't considered buying a non sport and specing it up if this is what jezz6570 is suggesting. What did you have in mind Darren and where is recommended for S parts and upgrades? Cheers, Russ. I picked up a 3.0 manual on a T plate for £650.00 and transfered my 3.0 se interior into it along with thd wheels etc if your lookinv for a newer model look at getting the sport model with as many factory options but a cloth intrrior as there are quiet a few se and even type R interiors around for resonable money.

I also fitted a cone airfilter which 1 makes it sound a bit meatier but also has given me more throttle response but reduced fuel consumption now averaging 28 mpg on local trips and 34 plus on a run only thing to make sure is mot as new as poss or if not give the rear subframe a close inspection as mine just failed due to this but luckily picked up another for a song. Thermo King V250 Manual there.

Overview: 120 page illustrated guide written by Mike Knell shows how to install the small block Chevrolet V-8 into 1975-1993 Volvo 240 and 260 models. See the excerpt from the introduction below.

What it Covers: The book includes dimensioned illustrations of the motor mounts and instruction on tachometer calibration. Covers stick shift and automatic transmissions.

Jaguar V8 Conversion Manual