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Motorola Kvl 3000 Plus User Manual

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• ® The Patriot KVL30 Adapter Designed to link the Motorola KVL 3000/3000+ Radio Key-loader ® with the Honeywell Batteries H8610-Li High Capacity Lithium Ion rechargeable battery Global T echnology Systems - Revision 1. • ® The Patriot KVL30 Adapter Contents Introduction Equipment Supplied Safety Guidelines Warning Product Specification Installation Compatible Batteries Compatible Battery Chargers Troubleshooting Cleaning RF Devices Replacement Parts Warranty and Support. • Motorola KVL 3000/3000+ Radio Key-loader (Figure 2). ® ® The Patriot KVL30 adapter will key and latch onto the Motorola KVL 3000 / ® 3000+ series Key-loader, and is designed for use with the Honeywell Batteries H8610-Li High Capacity Lithium Ion rechargeable battery (Figure 3) which provides power to the device, replacing the NTN 7394B 1200 mAh Ni/Cd battery pack. • Honeywell Battery, and on the radio host device. ® ® NOTE: Never install the Patriot KVL30 adapter onto the Motorola KVL 3000/3000+ Radio Key-loader with the battery already attached. This can cause damage to the battery or device Warning To reduce risk of injury, only use authorized battery products with this device.

• Installation ® ® 1. To install the Patriot KVL30 latches directly to the Motorola KVL 3000/3000+ Radio Key-loader exactly as if installing the NTN 7394B 1200 mAh Ni/Cd battery pack. (See figure1) ®. • Installation ® 1. To install the battery on to the Patriot KVL30 is exactly as if installing the NTN 8610 battery packs to the radio.

Compatible with existing KVL 3000/3000+ keyloaders and keyloading cables. Optional accessories 3600 mAH Li-Ion battery USB modem. With the following: • MC55 PDA • Security adapter • Battery charger • 2400 mAH Li-Ion battery • User Manual The KVL 4000 is Motorola’s Next Generation Key Variable Loader (KVL) for secure enabled.

Align the battery to the upper Patriot KVL30 guide and lower battery in a pivot motion until batteries locking mechanism activates onto ®. • ® The Patriot KVL30 Adapter Table 1 Compatible Batteries The following list is supported batteries that are approved for use with the ® Patriot KVL30 adapter.

® ® Honeywell Batteries for Motorola XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000 Battery Model Capacity Chemistry H8299-M (21) • The Patriot KVL30 Adapter Table 1 Compatible Battery Chargers The following list is of recommended chargers for batteries which are ® approved for use with the Patriot KVL30 adapter as listed in table 1. ® ® Honeywell Batteries Patriot Multi-chemistry Charging Systems are compatible with all batteries listed in table 1.

• ® The Patriot KVL30 Adapter Replacement Parts Please contact: Global Technology Systems, Inc., 551 Cochituate Road, Framingham MA 01701, 800.267.2711 In Europe call:.5390 Warranty and Support For warranty and service information call 1-508-650-1172. Outside North America, please contact your local Global Technology Systems representative.

• Global Technology Systems, Inc. Products might be used. An implied license only exists for equipment, circuits, and subsystems contained in GTS products. Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc.

• Global Technology Systems, Inc., 550 Cochituate Road, Framingham, MA 01701,

KVL-3000 Motorola Key Variable Loader The KVL-3000 (or T5795A) is a device for loading cryptographic material (key variables) into a series of two-way radios, developed and produced by (USA) around 2001. The device can be used for a variety of cryptographic algorithms and is with a range of radios. A Key Variable Loader, or KVL, is commonly known as a or, and generally uses a proprietary data protocol for transferring cryptographic material (keys) to the radio. Initially, Motorola had a separate Key Variable Loader (KVL) for each individual cryptographic algorithm, such as DVP, DES and DES-XL, but these were eventually by the KVL-3000 and the KVL-3000 Plus. The difference between these two versions is that the earlier KVL-3000 has a 4-line 12-character display, whilst the Plus has a bitmap (matrix) display. The KVL-3000 has two modes of operation: Advanced Securenet (ASN) and ASTRO 25.

ASN mode is needed, for example, for into the older hand-held radios. The required mode can be selected via the CONFIG menu.

A special cable, that is different for each type of radio, connects the Keyload I/O port at the rear of the KVL to the accessory socket of the radio. The case design of the KVL-3000 is by Motorola. ➤ Versions • KVL-3000 This is the initial version of the KVL-3000. It has a display with 4 lines of 12 characters each, plus a row of icons at the top. It can be used for loading key variables for the common Motorola encryption algorithms: DES, DVP, DES-XL, DVP-XL and DVI-XL. 1 • KVL-3000 Plus This is a slightly later version of the KVL-3000 that is equipped with a matrix display (bitmap), allowing icons and graphics to be displayed.

This version is suitable for all of the earlier protocols 2 plus AES-256 and DES-OFB. Please note that this version does not support the DVP encryption algorithm (it does support DVP-XL however). • Please note that only two algorithms can be installed in a KVL-3000 at the time of ordering, and that many of them come with just one algorithm installed (DES). Be aware of this when buying via eBay. • Although the KVL-3000+ can be loaded with support for multiple encryption algorithms, there is no guarantee that all algorithms are present. Check which algorithms are present, before buying it.

Renault Laguna 2002 Workshop Manual more. Features • Password protection (operator and supervisor) • Can hold up to 1024 encryption keys (traffic keys and shadow keys) • Menu-driven User Interface • Software upgrades via PCMCIA card slot and Motorola FLASHport TM• Various encryption algorithms (see above) • Various encryption protocols (see above) • Supports various FIPS encryption standards (see above) • RS-232 and Keyload I/O ports • Supports serial and PCMCIA modems • Key sharing between KVLs • Event log of KVL activities • Supports transfer to/from Key Management Controller (KMC). Related patents • Method for loading encryption keys into secure transmission devices.

This patent describes how encryption keys (typically DES, DVP, DES-XL, DVP-XL or DVI-XL) are loaded into a device (radio) and how they are protected against evesdropping. The latter is done by using a Key Encryption Key (KEK) generated by an internal free-running counter. • Digital Voice Protection System and Method. M7 Frontera Service Manual. A description of Motorola's own proprietary encryption algorithm, known as DVP.

• This patent protects the (case) design of the later Key Variable Loader (key filler). It was a universal device that could be used to load virtually any type of key into any type of (crypto-capable) Motorola radio.