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Starbucks Beverage Manual

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Starbucks Beverage ManualStarbucks Beverage ManualStarbucks Beverage ManualStarbucks Beverage Manual

Question: “Sorry if this has been asked before: I am in a bad living situation and one of my shifts offered to take me in for a while. At first i refused, but in desperation i took it one step further and offered to be his roommate full time.

I wasn’t aware of the part in the handbook about relationships and conflicts of interest until another shift told me. We’ve already had two shifts forced out by our DM due to a similar situation. I dont want him fired, but don’t want to seem flaky. What can i do?

“ —- Good question! At my store, we’ve had several partners who dated each other. But, they were all baristas. We never had a Shift or manager live or go out anyone at the store, and because of that, I’m not sure what the exact policy is. That’s why I decided to ask for you. Here are the some of responses I’ve gotten from current partners: Also for reference is the actual policy (which apparently came out earlier this year and covers “close relationships” as well) “I would recommend a transfer for one of them, if that’s feasible.

I can see the conflict of interest issue, and this may be a conversation to have with SM and/or DM. Explain the situation to them, and see if a solution can be reached. Sometimes if you talk to the higher ups and let them know why this has to happen, they are more understanding.” “But they aren’t dating, correct? Just going to be roommates. There shouldn’t be an issue with that. At mine, our previous sm had a partner living with her until he was on his feet enough to afford his own place.

The dm was aware and never said it wasn’t allowed.” “You aren’t supposed to socialize with your subordinates. So if you a shift is dating/friends with a barista one would transfer. Same for if an ASM was friends with outside of work or dating a shift or barista. One of them would need to transfer. If they are the same position it is fine to work at the same store. Not every sm or even dm cares though and will just ignore it so it’ll depend on that manager.” “You definitely can’t date someone at your own store, but the solution isn’t to fire anyone, it’s to transfer someone.

As for living together, that’s more up to your store manager, but it’s definitely discouraged especially if one is a superior to the other. Again, the solution hopefully is not termination, but just one of them transferring to a different store.” “At my store, a barista and a SS CANNOT live together or be in a relationship. The only way that could work is if the partners are at separate stores. We only had one exception at our store and that was because the two girls were already roommates before one of them were promoted to SS. Our SM just had to make sure the two were never scheduled together.” “I was in literally THIS same situation, except 2 SMs were encouraging it. The only reason I was okay with it was because I (the ss in this situation) was transferring in a month. It’s not against policy, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

But, if one of you transfers, then it’s fine and no one should have issues.” “We had this at my store, and one of them was transferred. I don’t see anyone getting fired over it, just make sure communication with your SM and DM are there:)” “A living situation might not necessarily be a close relationship. You might hardly talk to each other or do anything outside of working and living together. Just my viewpoint because I know two people in exact situation.”. Q: “Hello I am a new Barista. I really didn’t get alot of training at all.

My manager just leaves me with some of the more seasoned baristas and they are not open at all about helping me. My question is what can I do to take it upon myself to learn how to make the beverages.” Hey there – yeah, I get it. It’s overwhelming when you’re a new barista.

I was referred by a friend to join Starbucks back in late 2006 (Holy shit that’s 10 year ago!!!). She was a well respected senior barista at the store and because I was referred by her, everyone was super helpful and did their best to help me out. But the first time I worked bar myself without a trainer was still nerve-racking. In fact, I pretty much bombed it when I worked a mild rush. Thankfully, nobody blamed me for sucking and continued to offer me advice for working more efficiently.

I was able to make small improvements everyday, but it wasn’t until about 2 months later where everything “clicked”. In my opinion, there’s no trick or reading you can do that’ll truly prepare you for the the bar. You just have to continuously work, and over time drink recipes and the motions will become second nature to you. There are, however a few things you can do to speed up that process: • Memorize drink abbreviations (). If you’re not sure, just ask the register person who put it there. • Write a note with the number of syrup pumps/shots that go into each drink size and stick it somewhere when you’re on bar.

Toyota Rav4 2001 2005 Service Repair Manual. • Ask the register person to pass the drinks with the abbreviations FACING YOU so you can glance at see what’s coming up • Keep a consistent organization for your milk pitchers. This is what I used when I worked: - This was a long time ago and may or may not be applicable to you now though • Most importantly you have mingle a bit and ask senior baristas for advice.

Only they’re able to directly observe you and see what you’re doing inefficiently. • Also important if you’re working during a slow time, ask your shift if you can do bar. It’s a great time to practice in a low pressure environment. At a higher level, you can also learn other tips in the - there might be stuff in there that’ll speed up your training. Asked by Hey there, To be honest, I’m not sure what the official policy is – I just know what we did at my store.

During my second week of training waaaaay back in the day, I was working the register during a weekend rush. I was taking an order, and I must have heard my customer’s order wrong, or I couldn’t find the correct buttons on the POS I don’t remember what exactly. And after a few moments of confusion, the customer got fed up, and said to me, “What’s taking so long? What are you stupid?!” That was a pretty shitty moment. Because yeah, I was new. But my shift was hovering around closeby and heard his comment.