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Sukup Grain Cleaner Manual

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Grain CleanerSukup Grain Cleaner Manual

Grain Cleaning and Conveyor. The products are divided within each supplier as well as our own Sukup products. If you do not find the manual / guide you need. Sukup - Bin Operation Manual - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. Silo operation manual. Initial Guidelines Sukup grain bins are designed and manufactured to withstand the constant forces applied when filled with grain. Select a grain cleaner that collects and conveys screenings away.. Aeration or drying. Grain Cleaning and Conveyor Systems. The installation from Sukup Europe has been operating perfectly'. Manuals & Guides. Sukup Air Systems - Sukup Air Systems are made up of heavy-duty, industrial-grade components and easy-to-use controls. The Sukup Cyclone is designed to give you years of.

The Sukup Fastir™ - Simply Dependable, Superior Stirring Stirring mixes the dried grain at the bottom of the bin with the wetter grain toward the top. This results in a more uniform moisture content. In fact, university tests have shown a less than 1% moisture variation from top to bottom in stirred grain.

Stirring also loosens grain, reduces static pressure and increases airflow. This, in turn, means grain dries more quickly and efficiently. Iowa State University tests have found that, by using a stirring machine in wet grain with a powered spreader, airflow is increased by 33%. The Sukup Fastir™ provides all of the benefits stated above, plus: The mechanical reversing process eliminates reversing switches, drive gearboxes, chains and cables.

Drive mechanism contains few moving parts. Angled shields on the carriages allow stirring closer to the wall. Carriages are self-cleaning. Heavy-duty 4-1/2' crosstube provides maximum strength.

The Fastir™ Plus combines all of the features of the Fastir™ with a stationary auger along the bin wall. The stationary outside auger on the Fastir™ Plus ensures complete stirring around the outside of the bin, where a large portion of the grain is located. 1973 Vw Beetle Workshop Manual. All down augers are hard faced and carry a two-year warranty. Constant pitch augers fill only from the bottom, where the dried grain is located, so they move more dried grain than graduated pitch augers which pick up grain along the full length of the auger.

Bluejack Manual here. Extra down augers may be easily added at any time. Track mounts higher in the bin, giving up to 680 bu.

Of extra storage in a 36' diameter bin. Off-set hanger provides better stirring in the center of the bin to break up the concentration of fines over the center sump.

Available Fastir™ and Fastir™ Plus Machine Sizes.

Sukup Mixed-Flow Dryer Our new mixed-flow dryers feature: • Vacuum-Cooling: Drying occurs in top tiers and vacuum-cooling recovers heat during cooling process in bottom screened sections.